My teaching interests revolve around the following topics:

  1. Organization theory and organization design
  2. Business and corporate strategy
  3. Strategy execution and performance management

I have been teaching various courses at the B.Sc., M.Sc., and executive level, at the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Munich, and the University of Strasbourg.

Currently, I am teaching the following courses:

Business Performance Management

Executive MBA program, University of Southern Denmark, 2020

A good strategy is worth little unless it is implemented successfully. “Business Performance Management” is designed to help you turn your firm’s strategy into performance results. This integrative course provides you with a comprehensive approach that follows the implementation process: (i) mapping your firm’s strategic choices and goals, (ii) aligning the organization to the goals, (iii) testing and adjusting the strategy, and (iv) establishing organizational conditions that foster performance. Participants will discuss a variety of frameworks (e.g., Balanced Scorecard, KPIs), well-tested tools (e.g., Strategy Maps), and numerous business cases that will clarify and enhance their thinking about strategy implementation and performance management. An integral part of the course is the Performance Management Audit – an individual application of the course tools and concepts to your own organization.

Organization of Innovation

M.Sc. in Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark, 2020

By organizing effectively, firms can foster innovation. This course aims for students to develop competences to identify and reflect how organization design affects innovation, and to develop recommendations for action, based on a scientific and structured analysis and using theoretical frameworks. These competences and skills are relevant for students seeking a career in both private and public organizations, for example in functions such as business development, planning and organizing, innovation management, consulting, or entrepreneurship. The course also aims at allowing students to communicate a theoretically-guided written analysis in a clear and systematic manner. In doing so, it prepares students for major written assignments in academia (e.g., a master’s thesis), but also for a critical analysis and written communication in a practical context.

Corporate Strategy and Organization Design

M.Sc. in Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark, 2020

The course advances students’ knowledge and understanding in two interrelated domains: (1) “corporate strategy”, i.e., how multi-business organizations compete as a collection of multiple businesses; and (2) “organization design” that enables the implementation of such strategies. The course focuses on the question how firms can gain corporate advantage, i.e., advantage by competing as a collection of multiple businesses, and on the appropriate organization design to implement such strategy. The course enables students to apply advanced analytical frameworks to concrete organizational settings in order to analyze corporate strategy and organization design. The course also puts an emphasis on existing theories and how they can be used to inform an advanced analysis.